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Overnight parking

Everybody who lives in the city knows how it’s difficult to find a space for overnight car’s parking. And it’s more difficult, when you live in the very old city with the narrow streets. But what can you with the bicycles?  Where I can put my bicycle? I'd found a very interesting approach to solve of this problempics187.jpg.


Yesterday after work I went to Charlestown. I like to go there, because it’s a nice place for walking especially at evening. If somebody doesn’t know Charlestown is a part of the city of Boston, It is located north of Boston and it has a lot of interesting places to see: Navy Yard, U.S.S. Constitution, Bunker Hill Monument… During the day Charleston there re a lot of tourists, who want to see these places to touch the history of the United States, but after work the streets are almost empty. But the beauty of the city does not disappear the disappearing of the tourists. And you can see that by yourself.Charlestown’s Street at TwilightBunker Hill MonumentDown the streetA quiet streetStreet at night