City Hall, Oslo


2 thoughts on “City Hall, Oslo, Norway

  1. kewtiebird

    Did you happen to go inside? There is a lot of art and sculpture on the outside and murals inside. I thought the Rådhus was a bit strange looking (polite for kinda ugly) when Zi first came to Oslo, but it’s grown on me. I hope you are enjoying Norway and Oslo. If you are still here, I imagine you are enjoying (??) the first snowfall today. Safe travels!! I’m enjoying your images from Norway. 😍

  2. vovazinger Post author

    Yes, I went on a tour to see where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year, and I was amazed at the beauty of the Great Hall. It contains many inspirational murals. I am sure that Norway is beautiful when it is covered in snow, but, unfortunately, I have already returned home. Thank you.


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