10 thoughts on “Winding cobblestone street, Stockholm, Sweden

    1. vovazinger Post author

      You are absolutely right the informal name for this church is Stockholm Cathedral, but many people are using its official name Church of St. Nicholas.

      1. Calva2

        No, many people don’t! Hardly anyone so! We call it Storkyrkan, which means the great church. (If you need more facts about Stockholm, don’t hesitate to Ask.) 😉

  1. vovazinger Post author

    Perhaps this happened because I was between tourists visiting the city, and the main source of information was a simplified map of the city. Next time I will try to ask the local residents of the city to get more correct information. Thank you.

  2. vovazinger Post author

    It was really nice to walk along old Stockholm through its narrow winding streets. I’m glad you like this photo. Thank you, Irene.


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