10 thoughts on “Bike in the passageway, Stockholm, Sweden

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you, Susan. Bicycles are very popular here in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. These are “workhorses” allowing people to move around easily. And I believe that if they could talk, they would probably tell very interesting stories.

  1. windowcolquhoun810

    I’m not sure why but every time I see a bicycle, especially an old fashioned bike, I get a feeling of nostalgia and serenity. Perhaps that is why I like seeing photos of bikes propped up somewhere. 🚲

  2. vovazinger Post author

    It was very difficult not to notice bicycles here, because they are a very popular form of transport. And, as usual, they are old and well used. But in the same time they are in good condition and sometimes quite pretty.

  3. vovazinger Post author

    Thanks for your comments. Here in Boston, bicycles are mostly recreational activities, but in Scandinavia and the Netherlands this is a very popular form of transportation. They are so popular that finding parking for bicycles is much easier than parking cars.


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