9 thoughts on “Early evening sky

  1. carolyncordon

    This is a beautiful photograph, with many elements adding together, to make it something extra special.
    The man made fence line, echoing the lines of the horizontal b5anches, the colours of the changing sky, opposed to the calm beauty of the water, and so much more, lovely!

  2. vovazinger Post author

    I am always very interested to know what people think of my photo, and I always appreciate their comments. Thank you very much, Carolyn

  3. peri, poet.

    So beautiful! You have such a good eye, for nature, architecture, and Boston! I enjoy seeing Boston through your lens, and I appreciate the variety of your photographs, as well as your keen perspective. Thank you for sharing!

  4. vovazinger Post author

    Thanks so much for rating my photo. Because most of the time I spend in Boston, which I really like, so the main object of my photographs is Boston and its environs. And I’m very lucky because Boston is very diverse. It is very easy to find old areas and new, business areas and parks, the ocean and the river. And this diversity allows me to photograph something new every time and not to worry about the similarity of photos.


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