Rusted ring


4 thoughts on “Rusted ring

  1. vovazinger Post author

    I think you need to switch your desires from a horse to a boat, because this ring is on the bridge support in the middle of the river.

  2. Shaily Agrawal

    Hey Vova, I feel that this image was not upto your level. It is too close and prominence the ring takes takes away any context of where it stands. I think, it would have looked a lot better if the shot was from a little further away to show water line or any texture on the wall, or even a horizontal shot.

  3. vovazinger Post author

    I’m sorry that this photo disappointed you. But the main reason for this photo is to show the color of the rust, its texture. This ring is very high, and if I tried to show the waterline, this ring would look very small and would most likely get lost in the picture.


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