37 thoughts on “First Church, Boston

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you very much. This church is also very beautiful in color. But that day the lighting wasn’t enough to show it, so I decided to try the monochrome version. Looks like it was not a bad idea.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you very much. I mostly like to take color photos, but in this case I decided that black and white would be more suitable.

  1. patrick101010101

    That is an awesome picture. The storm in the sky with the leafless tree and the thin object by it. i have many pictures close to it that the stormy upper level clouds are very hard to avoid yet creates a completely different effect inregards to current times on Earth, and my Lord had there been a tremendous amount of cloudy days with the intention of storms. Ive counted the days one year of sunny days in the region we live, and counted 30 exact days of completely cloudless skys.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thanks a lot, Patrick. Fortunately, we don’t have a permanently gray sky, but sometimes such a gloomy sky adds an extra impression to the photograph. And I like to catch it.

      1. patrick101010101

        yep, sometimes a gloomy atmosphere adds an extra impression. We at home had been waiting for some sunshine i think the past couple years seemingly. when you take those photographs atmosperic scientists can determine exactly what is going on with the atmosphere and in current times ie with the bulletibn of the atomic scientists and other study groups of climate change sites, the credible evidence lays with the photo’s that are uncommon photograps in duration and or personal knowlege thereof people that had lived in regions at length and then the weather had seeminly not been right at all. save your photo’s yet i do feel you have a special talent in taking a good photo and what makes photography great to begin with.

      2. vovazinger Post author

        Unfortunately, for a meteorologist, it doesn’t matter whether the sky is plain or dramatic. But this is very important to me. And I’m trying to capture the dramatic sky.

  2. patrick101010101

    your an amazing photographer that has a awesome talent that had captured events relating to current times with the emmence amount of storms that had been all too uncommon.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you very much. I really value your appreciation. I just love looking for something interesting, and when I find something really interesting and worthwhile to share, I show it.

      1. patrick101010101

        your very welcome. i concur as we had been the same way with photographs, sharring, as it’s fun, exciting and something that creates a little happiness and maybe that’s something that can make a diffefrance and help people to refocus on good things, you do have good photo’s that are amazing that takes talent to be able to see and know what makes great photographs.

      2. vovazinger Post author

        Thanks again. I think if you enjoy doing something, then, as a rule, it becomes easier to do, and the result is achieved faster.

      3. vovazinger Post author

        I myself have never tried to make pizza, but I know from the photo – it’s difficult to start, then it will be easier.

      4. patrick101010101

        i’ll help ya out buddy. i know im complicated to comprehend, my fiancee is a advocate for me and a social worker, im learning my problems, yet i can type out the rescipe to make a pizza. it took me a lomg time to figure it out by myself. 1) get medicum mixing bowl. 2) get measuring cup. 3) pour in 2 and 1/4 cups unbleached flour. 4) add three table spoons oil perferance ia your own health 5) add quater teasoon salt 6) quater teasoon sugar 7) one package dry yeast the knid ya make bread with 8) three quaters cut warm water preffable bottled water all depending if you have water filters for your tap water 9) add a one tablespoon melted butter melted 10) mix it with mixer or then hand mix it 11) put flour on pizza pan then put the dough on it and roll it out with roller should be about 11 inch dough for pizza 12) melt one table sppoon butter again and spread across the dough ya rolled out 13) get fork and poke holes into the dough 14) find your favorite pizza sause unless you can make your own that is trial and error and pour a good amount in middle of pizza dough then spread in a circle 15) preheat oven to 375 16) cut up watchever vegtables your going to add yet this is a step to have proiorly accomplished 17) put vegtables on sause on pizza dough 18) pour on the mozerella or what cheese you choose yet buddy just get the mozerella it’s pizza after all and cover all the vegtables and sause making a half inch edge around ina circle showing the dough 19) put pizza in oven and bake for about 45 minutes keeping an eye on the pizza, make so ya watch iton your first pizza because every oven varries. 20) clean up mess wash the dishes in themeaqn timwe while pizza is cooking 21) when pizza is done take out with oven mitts and set on safe surface then cut with a sharp knife and or other pizza tool 22) pour on parmeasen cheese

      5. vovazinger Post author

        Thanks a lot for the recipe. At first glance, this is a little difficult for me. But I will definitely try, but what can I do on a long snowy winter evening?

      6. patrick101010101

        it’s easy once ya made it once. there are two applications, make the pizza dough and add the sause and or just cheese. french bon bon’d taker a little bit longer, melting chocolate and making theinner ingrediants. more simple things that are very healthy are like having raw vegtables to munch on, yet when ya add a dip or sause it kindaq takes away from the natural part of eating healthy, trust me i know growing up eating burgers all the time, thank God above they came out with a veggie burger! I had no clue as to howi was damaging my body my youth years eating the things i had. having a cup of coffee is always good, it’s good for mental health too. i take a string of vitamins and have smooties often meaning home made fruit smoothies that are awesome and extremely easdsy to make. get a blender, put in your favorite fruits, add milk or bottle water to help the blender yet that helps the stomach digest it all too, so put fruits in a blender then maybe a yogurt and honey and a slim fast or make it into a super power drink. i take focus factor too for mental clarity do to tramatic brin injury when i was in service and also what happened to my mom i have a cae of ptsd. our knee doctor today, stated to her and i to take up a hobby and or just write a journal for something to do to stop the stress that had built up do to covid and being isolated. i wrote the news reporter on text messages that i was working on four projects, one being a new and improved troop transport carrier in modle form yet theoretically possible to make even after ic alled fort benning georgia they knew the same, and was making a blanket out of old clothes or material parts we’d find, then wrote i wanted to fix my para cord belt that needs a buckel and am unsure if i have to make my own forge to melt metal yet i do have a few things to do that, then wrote the news reporter i wanted to make a science experiment yet that i can’t comment on here do to DOD related if i make it and it works. too, had been trying to rest. she bought me a bed and i hadnt had a bed in oveer 15 years. its a type of medical bed. (just filling ya in on my things in my life a bit, how about you?)

      7. patrick101010101

        long snowy winter evening? Two suggestions. Journalize no matter how long the entry’s are. second, write a book even if ya write a few paraqgraphs and put it done for a while then pick the writing back up later, that helps the mind stay focus to think and construct charecters and scene’s and things like that. Yet evening, man she got me canvasses so i began a still life painting out of my bedroom window and its not bad, one profesasional painter i sent hima copy of what i began with and he thinks i got something finally

      8. patrick101010101

        she just made me a theraful drink, a otc med. had the sniffles and sneezing. no temp, temp is normal yet i dont feel like taking chances on getting sick, in public in the store, it may not seem like it in my normal life the way i live yet man igot a real hard time with germs like really bad. when they mentioned the covid going on, i mentally short circuited myself, felt my life was over with and the mayhemand pandamonioum that would otehr wise probably take place ripped their my mind and i kinda lost it in thepublic a few times

      9. patrick101010101

        we donate to 501c groups to help the humanitys, ya know? one of them mailed a piece of metal i keep on my key chain yet just have to get use to using it, its metal to push the buttons ona atm so ya dont have to touch it and has a little hookon it to pull a door open so ya dont have to haver hand born illnesses. and my God wearing the mask is kinda cool as wholy cow i hadnt had influenzafor once!

      10. patrick101010101

        Long snowy winter evening? Do ya have a garage? get to the garage, kick on a heater and scroll saw some wood or just pull up a chair and mediatate. get the chisels out and make a craving of some kind. put a refrigerator in the garage so ya get get out and have something to drink like a man cave if ya drink beer or if ya want to have soda out there, as that is a item that helps, not saying i have one because i dont yet i can tolerate weather a bit differantly then others, im not immune to it like others meaning weather yet i know how to adjust and compensate with what i wear. yet turn ona radio, open the fridge, grab at least one ice cold beer, me ilike bud light lime, thelime really tastes good and helps me to mentally focus as long as i dont drink more then two 24 ounce beers because i can be quite ridiculous. turn on some tunes, im not sure what you listen to yet ive really listened to a extremely wide varrity of music. sit in the chair and figure out your plan for the winters evening. If your going to sit in your home, if ya dont know h0ow to cook, see if ya got a rescipie book laying around and give it the old college try. To try to work on anything that oyu dont have any experiance with isnt a sin, it means its time tomake a lot of mistakes then learn from it. i can make someserious dishes for example for a home cooked meal yet i have unbelievaqble handicaps like flipping pancakes.

      11. patrick101010101

        my wife, she’s getting to bed and gave me the signal its time to get to sleep and be quiet. Have a nice night buddy.

      12. vovazinger Post author

        Thanks. I would like to wish the same, but it’s morning. And so I wish you good morning and a good day ahead.

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