22 thoughts on “Blooming tree in the yard

  1. patrick101010101

    you have an undenyable talent with knowing what makes artwork in the form of pictures!!!!!!!

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you so much. My approach is very simple – the photo should be interesting. And I am trying to achieve this.

      1. patrick101010101

        keep up the good work, yet save a copy a hard copy of your work and remember any time you take a picture with a camera that is considered preformed work like a inventor or artists or a job and go to the bank and have them put a notery on your pictures if you cant get a copyright, to hold the creativity you had made your self. not too many people know when you take a picture that is your own work and effort that needs to be paid for by yourself.

      2. patrick101010101

        we bought kodak cammeras and had pictures developed. those are in photo albums, photo albums we got from garage sales for a dollar. we kept copies in a water proof and moisture proof box with a rubber seal on it.

      3. patrick101010101

        when you put a picture on the intranet there has to be a way you can put a copyright symbol next to each picture, digital publishcation with self copyright. your pc device owns your won work if your taking pictures with digital cameras. me? i like the kodack cameras and having a picture made the way they were meant to be. if the power goes out, or if the entire intranet gets shut down or hacked then there is a loss of your own work, that is a lot of time and effort to to take a picture besides the thought of what would make a good picture to begin with. keep hard copys that ya can put in a water proof box that you can store to show what the earth use to look like

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