30 thoughts on “Field of magenta

    1. vovazinger Post author

      You are lucky that you don’t have to go far to enjoy the beautiful view. Thank you, Rebecca.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you so much, Susan. They may not be as gorgeous as roses, but they seem very beautiful to me and really have a very amazing color.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Can you explain? Is this a regular WordPress blog or something else?

      1. patrick101010101

        yep, the other word press blogger stated is a fundraiser, she said traffic is the people you bring to the fund rasier account thats called traffic. im figuring it out buddy i just have to figure out how to drive traffic to the fundraiser account then they look at the page i guess. About five minutes here, chief, i have to turn on the lectric typewriter and begin the next chapter, im free writing a book. It’s a Sears Roebuck & Company typewriter and man is it a classic! I somuch miss Sears Roebuck & Company! I miss Kmart too and Radio Shack and Catipller and a place to buy treasure finder heath kits, i built a HEALTH KIT treasure finder one time in the past, its like building a modle airplane, its all parts then ya just put the pieces together then it’s a operational tool, made a heath kit am and fm radio once too as a kid.i’m learning it though.

      2. vovazinger Post author

        Sorry, but I don’t know anything about this and I can’t help you with anything. I know that to increase traffic to a regular website, you have to post regular posts and the post needs to be interesting so that it can be attracted to re-visit the website.

      3. patrick101010101

        something interesting, huh? Well, i was thinking on the line of truth to natural disasters we and many others around us suffered from, ie the derecho that took place last year lifted the roof by a quarter inch where three locust trees were growing. Or the flo-od before that, Sir, where the flood was over the top of the entire street up to the pourches. it was bad, i had to walk to the middle of a flood to unplug the storm water that filled the street, i knew where the iron curbside drains were so i grabbed my walking canes and walked to the middle of the flood pulling leaves and twigs up from the drain that were from the storm itself, itblew everything apart and tore the leaves off of most of the trees. It should had been listed as a natural disaster as all my neighbors thought the same thing and maybe the people way up the ladder can do some kind of corrective memo and reclaim what should had been listed as a natural disaster. many other neighbors had floods in their basements and garages as well besides property damage from the unbelievable amount of winds, Chief, and no one had any compensation from any area at all. The insurance companies really didn’t compensate nor had the federal government that should had, could had, listed it as a natural disaster where claims could had been filed to compensate. I am a disabled Veteran and have some kinda sever injurys I’ve been trying to put up with and those around me know how impossible i could be toput up with when my body hurts all the time and i get aggravated because i cant do the same things i use to be able to do, one of those is walk normally without saying ouch every step while i use both canes. That is where I’m trying to figure out how to make a go fund me page so i could work on my home that was damaged like others were from the storms.

      4. patrick101010101

        yep, i hear ya chief, many things that could be accomplished on father day one of which is family calling each other if they can’t visit. Us? We mailed one of our dad’s an actual type written letter, one page, not too long so it doesn’t make him aggravated as sometimes in old age people just want to be able to live day to day and have memory and remembrance. My family, they asked me what i want for fathers day and i was a loss of words, i didn’t know how to answer really, yet if i could bring that moment back id comment maybe a million dollars in unmarked tens and twenty, then id get medical help and add renovation to my home and get a rv so we could travel America and be happy like our original goal and dream. im having a hard time keeping up with everything we just had a discussion on, i cant get the bushes trimmed and or i cant get the dead branch out from the tree that’s going to fall one day, its hard enough standing on my feet just to get the dishes washed as i still have a fractured metatarsal, yet id ask for a million dollars in unmarked tens and twenty to first hire all my neighbors to renovate my home as her and i travel for the first time in our life in our older age.

      5. patrick101010101

        it helps having someone to write to. it really does. the next door neighbor is building his own fence, an older man with a bad foot and a bad spine and he is out there doing this craftsman type of work, work i use to be able to do. it gets me down that my injury are that bad, heck my scroll saw isn’t even that old and i was trying to do something by scrolling names of businesses or of family and friends, and i just can’t stand there in front of my own saw. the fifth metatarsal is broke in my right foot, yet it wasn’t ever set. i dropped a parking block on it and fractured my foot. i get to the hospital. the doctor looks at my foot and just touches it, doesn’t realign the bones yet i was more focused on preventing from blowing up for how bad it hurt, yet he didn’t realign the bone. i have a hard time walking much less standing. thank God i got the sears roebuck and company typewriter because it gives me something to do, yet someone with a lot of energy that energy balls up and its hard to just sit in the car, or sit at a bench, or sit on my bed, im having a hard time keeping up with basic things that is routine maintance.

      6. patrick101010101

        you make sense, chief, many people on word press does, yet many people elsewhere do to. in person im a little rough around the edges. wwe get to the store and i try to have a pr in being happy and making little funny that are clean, and i realize deep down inside all the humor i try to make other people happy is really how bad i feel inside me of a number of things from the past 40 years. many things i was attempting was to move forward i thought solving the past is the way otherwise that stuff is always on my mind.

      7. patrick101010101

        we are having a form of drought, Chief. The tiny branches way up high cant get enough water to the little branches and they wither and die while still connected to the tree. well the animals climb around in the tree and if they walk on a withering branch and it breaks the animals fall out of the tree and many of the trees around here have pavement right below. man, we just got back from the grocery store where we got stuff to make egg bisquits, she gets home in the house and im limping what i can carry to the kitchen. i heard some crackling sounds, same sounds when a neighbors tree just fell over last week and there wasn’t any rain nor wind nor storm, and it looked like a healthy tree and it just fell over and i watches it from four houses away. Well, we got home, im in back by the garage with the hack open to get the grocery in and heard crackling sounds again, then a animal fell out of the tree and landed on the pavement right in front of me and died. man that was horrifying to see that. i knew if the trees had water and or normal rain the branches would be stronger and that animal would had lived.

      8. patrick101010101

        the drought is bad. the trees have diseases anyway yet the drought, one day, there wasn’t any rain or wind nor storm and a massive branch breaks off our tree in the front yard and its just hanging over the sidewalk. i keep telling the passer bys to look up in the trees and be mindful of branches that could suddenly fall for no reason at all of healthy looking branches that are huge, to keep people safe they have to know whats wrong. 1,000 pound branches falling out of a tree is really bad for a rural area with people and homes that park under them much less walk on a sidewalk under them. yet i safe guarded everyone so far.

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