41 thoughts on “Abstract

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you very much. It’s not lava because we don’t have volcanoes here. And the effect of the moving camera when focusing is interesting.

      1. vovazinger Post author

        I was hoping to get something interesting, but I did not expect to get such a photo.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      It was not fire, it was just sunshine shining between branches. But it really looks like fire. Thank you.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      I have never done this before, and for me the result was also unexpected. And I think I need to try again. Thank you.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      I really like this photo, because it gives an opportunity to work for the imagination. Thank you very much.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you so much. I was just trying to do something new that I hadn’t tried before. I hope it will be interesting.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Many thanks. As I wrote earlier, it is very interesting to know what people see in this photo. Sometimes it is completely unpredictable.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you very much. To be honest, I did not expect such a strong reaction to my first abstract photography.

  1. Tressa

    Looks like a spirit dancing on the water, and it didn’t expect to be seen by human eyes. (Don’t mind me – my writer’s brain is showing itself.)

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you very much, Tressa. I am very glad that this photo inspired people to see something new, unusual and impressive.

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      1. BrittnyLee

        I see a prince.
        He is made of lightning and rays of the sun
        He is angry
        He feels jaded and scorned
        He fell in love with a water nymph
        She was elegant and gentle
        She flowed with the water, easy and calm tempered
        He longed for that calm
        That cool quiet in the brook
        He longed to be a part of her world
        Her world of slow to angry beings
        Water that pushed and pulled but to create
        He longed for a soft caress with a lingering chill
        He longed to cool his scorching heart
        He burned for years watching his love
        He was too afraid his ill-tempered demeanor would frighten the maiden
        As he watched her one spring morning
        He lost his footing and splashed clumsily.into the stream
        The water sparked from his touch
        His maiden was no more
        She lay still
        Even having been shocked, her features remained peaceful and full of love
        He realized he could never touch her
        Never touch anyone
        He was a killer by birth
        It was a cruel curse from mother nature
        His heart felt overheated
        He began to see red
        He clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth
        His lady, his love lay still
        She will never sing, never lighten his darkest days again
        He regreted the words he never said to her
        Wished he could’ve spoken to her once
        He took one last glance and felt sparks shoot from his eyes
        Even his tears were dangerous

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