29 thoughts on “Dogwood blossom

      1. vovazinger Post author

        I love my camera, but nowadays almost all smartphones also take very good photos.

      2. nonverbal

        I disagree. I am an IT guy. Smartphones use AI to create images. Only a real camera can take a real photo, without using software crutches or digital witchcraft. Phones cannot optically zoom, and one often needs 600mm or more for wildlife. Why a long lens? As lions don’t brush.

      3. vovazinger Post author

        I’m not a fan of cell phone cameras, but I’ve read that even some professional photographers use them.

      4. nonverbal

        I know a top South African photographer who uses them. It can work in especially a micro environment, but surely not for reasonably technical landscape & wildlife work. There is a reason why it takes Canon 18 months to grow crystals for lens elements on their top RF lenses. Digital is far from overtaking optical. Try shoot a lion from a mile away with an iPhone 13.

      5. vovazinger Post author

        I can’t do this with my camera without a telephoto lens. But luckily, now I can buy a lens attached to a cell phone if I want to.

      6. nonverbal

        No lens attached to a phone, as of today, can really reach where we need it to in the deserts. And because my big Samsung Galaxy phones failed me, as did the Huawei P8, I rather trust the real camera. My upmarket phones greyed out some of my precious photos, and reduced file size to 0B. Four Android phones did that, and as I am a veteran IT guy, I won’t easily regain whatever trust I had in phones.

      7. vovazinger Post author

        I understand you. But I remember how skeptical I was about the first digital cameras, how disappointed I was with the results they gave. And that was about 30 years ago.

      8. nonverbal

        I know, I was the first dealer to sell Epson digital cameras locally. I am not skeptical, I just understand physics and electronics.

      9. nonverbal

        Oh, and the tiny cellphone sensors simply cannot do what a crop sensor, full frame or medium format sensor can do. When it comes to depth of field, for instance. Or the ability to produce quality large prints, or to crop.

      10. vovazinger Post author

        Some phone apps can do amazing things. And now you even buy lenses for your phone. I still use my camera, but anyway…

      11. nonverbal

        It’s just not the same quality. An app doesn’t have a proper lens. The tiny clip-ons really are toys. I live in a tourism hotspot and see much of the entire spectrum.

      12. vovazinger Post author

        Nowadays, a DSLR camera is also a kind of mixture of real optics and a computer. I used a film camera some time ago and can compare both cameras. Of course, a film camera produces much better prints than a digital camera, but using a digital camera is much easier. And if you look closely at a mobile phones, you will find that some mobile phone manufacturers have begun to install high quality optics on their cameras, produced by well-known lens manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss and others.I think it doesn’t matter what camera you use, the main thing is whether you see something that needs to be photographed or not.

      13. nonverbal

        You will find that DSLR days are over, really. The days of mirrorless really are here. And, yes, they are powerful computers BUT where phones mainly use AI to cook up images, on the camera the electronics rather help with focus, control over the camera, etc. The sensor really is the kingpin there.

        I used to shoot movies with a Canon Super 8 film camera. I also had a Kodak and an Agfa box camera. I had to send film to Switzerland for development, from Cape Town, South Africa. It became too expensive.

        I love doing things manually and never shoot on Auto. A real camera lets you control aperture, shutter speed,. ISO, white balance, etc. Despite all the digital witchcraft, you can still be the artist.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you, Sylvia. Luckily we have a lot of red brick buildings here. And since dogwood trees often grow near these buildings, having such a background was not a problem.


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