39 thoughts on “Allium Unique Flower Bloom

  1. katelon

    These are indeed such lovely flowers. It is amazing how onions flower so beautifully. I know Allium as a homeopathic medication and one of the symptoms that lead to it are runny eyes. How perfect is that ?!

  2. v. anastasi

    Absolutely lovely, Vova! You have inspired me to try to capture photos of nature’s beauty around me. Grabbed one of a thistle in bloom yesterday while disc golfing, and took a few of the clouds today. This image reminded me of a poem I wrote to an image on The Guardian’s photo of the day poem series I did a few years back. It’s the last poem on this post:

    As always, a joy to see through your eyes!

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thanks a lot. You will probably be surprised, but very often I have not been attracted to such an ordinary object as an allium or a fern before. It was interesting to read your poem.

      1. v. anastasi

        Thanks for reading the poem. I find myself bring more amazed by the “ordinary” these days. Perhaps that thistle will lead to a poem? Thanks again.

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