75 thoughts on “Autumn forest

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Many thanks. We are very lucky because New England is very famous for its stunning views of fall foliage.

  1. Pure Glory

    With the light, it looks like the leaves are on fire. There is always beauty around us but it takes a keen eye to capture it in a photo. You have to wait a long time for the perfect shot! Thank you!

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thanks a lot. Some time ago I learned that waiting is very important to take interesting photos. It is even related to landscape photography.

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  3. v. anastasi

    That’s just wonderful, Vova! You’ve captured the heart and fire of an autumn walk in the woods. Sadly, we’re in the bare tree phase of autumn here in Western Pennsylvania, so I’m living an extended fall vicariously through your photography!

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you very much. We’ve been lucky this year. Yesterday we had almost summer weather – a lot of sun and warmth. But not today.

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