31 thoughts on “Glass skyscraper

  1. Entro

    Fantastic colours and reflections, this also reminds me of the shard here in London, you certainly captured the full beauty of the building in Boston and thank you for sharing.

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you very much. Although Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, it has many amazing examples of modern architecture.

  2. Sylvia Bacon

    This is a great picture, Vova, very creatively composed. I love seeing your pictures from Boston, it is one of my favorite cities. Our summer home in Maine is about an hour away so my husband and I enjoy going there often and always with my camera!

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you very much, Sylvia. Boston is really worth a visit, there are many attractions. And I love taking pictures of them. But I also love visiting Maine. I can’t forget my time in Acadia National Park.

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