About Me

So, you are here and this probably means you would like to know who I am and what I stand for. It’s a very interesting question, because it’s very difficult to introduce myself without knowing what exactly you would like to know. I can go through all the details, but I think reading them would be a waste of your time. It may be much better if I’d share with you some basic information, and if you would like to know more about me – contact me and I’d be glad to answer your questions.

For now…
My name is Vova Zinger, and I’m an amateur photographer. I am an urban guy and I love all the cities where I have lived – the nice very old Ukrainian city of Lviv(where I was born and lived for almost 40 years), reborn after the Recession of 1970s Pittsburgh (where I started my life in the United States), and beautiful charming Boston (where I’m living now). I love these cities and I like to share my love to them with you by making and displaying their pictures of them. This is why you’ll see a lot of city’s images on my blog.
But I also like to travel, to see new places. By traveling I mean not only visiting new cities (because I like them), but going outside to see the wonders of nature. And when I see something beautiful, I can not resist taking pictures.

I understand that not all of my images are perfect and I’d welcome your opinions about them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.

To explain why I have decided to start this photoblog, I’d like to say that everyone has eyes, but when they are looking at something they may see the same object differently. It’s happening because each of us has unique vision of the surrounding world. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.  Photography gives us an opportunity to share one’s vision of the beauty with somebody else. And I would like to use this opportunity.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my photoblog.

I’ll try to do my best to update it frequently.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Pastor Jack

    Hey again; Just read about you. PC means past commodore. My name is Jack swanson and I am the Pastor of Union Congregational church in the Wollaston section of Quincy. I was the commodore of The Squantum Yacht back in 2004. I’d be remiss if I did not invite you to Church Sunday 10AM., and definetly to visit our Club anytime youd like! We’re open on weekends now and during the week after our opening night, May 17th. God Bless and again nice picture!

  2. Fitch

    Hello! I came across your site while doing a search on photography and I just wanted to say that your work is amazing! You are very talented indeed!

  3. Elisabeth


    I’m looking for a specific photo of Harvard football stadium and I’m wondering if you can help me. I want a photo taken from the cambridge side that has the river, the weeks footbridge, and the football stadium. Do you know of any in your collection like that?


  4. artandhistory

    Just want to say thank you for giving me insights into places I pass too quickly in the Boston area. Your impulse to depth – – color, perspective, saturation, etc. is very satisfying and involving.


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