51 thoughts on “Jaws

    1. vovazinger Post author

      Thank you very much. I didn’t smile. But since I live where the events of Jaws took place and sharks (not white sharks) are not uncommon, I decided that such a caption for this photo would be appropriate.

      1. vovazinger Post author

        I’m not too worried, because during my visits to Florida, the only places where I saw live alligators were farms. And they were all behind the fence. The sharks I saw here were relatively small, about 3-4 feet long. Of course, they can bite, but I have not heard about it.

      2. vovazinger Post author

        Not in Boston but on Cape Cod when I tried deep fishing. I even caught one very small shark.

      3. vovazinger Post author

        For some reason, the organizers advised releasing the captured sharks as they are not very edible.

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